Code: 108 | Brand: Pinakurat

PH | Pinakurat | Suka Waykurat | 250ml

99 Kč

Discover the rich and authentic flavor of Pinakurat Suka Waykurat Coconut Vinegar! Made from the purest coconut sap and infused with natural spices, this handcrafted vinegar offers a deep and complex taste that elevates any dish. Its unique aroma and tangy flavor make it the perfect condiment for grilled meats, salads, and dipping sauces. Add a touch of Pinakurat Suka Waykurat Coconut Vinegar to your cooking and experience the true taste of the Philippines!



Coconut Sap Vinegar, Natural Spices.


Weight: 250ml

Nutritional Information:

Serving Size: 15ml (1 tbsp)

Servings per Container: 16


Amount per serving:

Please note that the nutritional information may vary slightly depending on the specific batch of the product.