Code: 198 | Brand: RICAO

PH | Ricao | Flat Tops | 150g

72 Kč

Get ready to experience the perfect combination of chocolate and crunch with Ricao Flat Tops! These delicious chocolate-covered biscuits are a must-have for any snack lover. With their flat and crispy shape, they offer a unique texture that is sure to satisfy your cravings. Each bite is a heavenly combination of rich chocolate and crispy biscuit, making them an irresistible snack that's perfect for any occasion.

Category: SWEETS

Ricao Flat Tops are made with only the finest ingredients and are carefully crafted to create a delicious and satisfying snack. The biscuits are made from a blend of wheat flour, sugar, and other high-quality ingredients, and are baked to perfection to create a light and crispy texture. They are then coated in smooth and creamy chocolate, creating a taste sensation that is sure to delight your taste buds.


Each pack contains approximately 25 pieces, with each serving size being 30g. Each serving contains 150 calories, 2 grams of protein, and 19 grams of carbohydrates. They are low in saturated and trans fats, making them a healthier snack option. The packaging is designed to keep the Flat Tops fresh and crunchy, ensuring that you get the same delicious flavor and texture with every bite.

Weight: 150g


Nutrition Facts:

  • Serving size: 30g (approx. 5 pieces)
  • Servings per container: about 5
  • Calories per serving: 150
  • Total fat: 7g (9% daily value)
  • Saturated fat: 4g (20% daily value)
  • Trans fat: 0g
  • Cholesterol: 0mg (0% daily value)
  • Sodium: 60mg (3% daily value)
  • Total carbohydrates: 19g (7% daily value)
  • Dietary fiber: 1g (4% daily value)
  • Total sugars: 10g
  • Protein: 2g
  • Vitamin D: 0mcg (0% daily value)
  • Calcium: 30mg (2% daily value)
  • Iron: 1mg (6% daily value)
  • Potassium: 0mg (0% daily value)


Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Vegetable Oil (Palm and/or Coconut), Cocoa Powder, Glucose Syrup, Salt, Raising Agents (Ammonium Bicarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate), Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Artificial Flavor.


Experience the heavenly taste of Ricao Flat Tops, the perfect snack for any chocolate lover looking for a crunchy and satisfying treat.